Monday, 10 February 2014

Coexistor: Chapter Two

I will be posting the chapters as I finish them. Right now I'm working on chapter three, but here's two for ya!

Chapter Two: Life-Or-Death

Marianne was all set to go with him back to where she needed to go to save her world and his. He was a nice old man-friendly. He broke the news to her in a nice way, in a way that made her believe. But her parents? Not so much. “Marianne, step away from him.” Her father’s strong voice cuts through her little world. She almost hadn't realized that they were sitting there, the whole time. “Marianne, listen to your father.” Her mother’s perfect shiny blonde hair shakes as she shakes her head. “Honey, he’s crazy.” She whispers to her. Marianne steps back. “How could you say that?” “He’s talking about other worlds! And Dios? What are Dios?” “Could you please stop talking about me like I am not here, Mrs. Wolvyand?” Marianne’s mother turns towards the General. “Sir, I think it is time for you to go.” “For Marianne’s safety, I cannot do that.” “Marianne, go to your room. Jemma can’t stay over tonight.” “Mom, it’s my choice!” Her father stands up. “It is a choice that you don’t get to make.” “No.” Marianne feels sort of a release. All of her twelve years of existence she had never, ever told her parents no. “You heard me. No.” Her mother gapes at her. “Marianne, you don’t get to decide this!” “Yes, I do! We’re talking about the end of the world, here. I may be the only one who could save us all from dying!” Her mother’s face turns to one of stone. “And how could you possibly know that?” Marianne exhales. “It…feels right. I can’t explain it. But I’ve been getting these feelings-for a while now. I got a feeling to push Jemma back, once, before we crossed the street. Seconds after I did, a big Jeep rushed past, driving right where she was standing. It sounds crazy. But no! I’ve been getting these feelings-when something is right or wrong, not to do something, to do something.” She pauses for breath. The General’s eyes were wide. Her Saykiko is much higher than any other Renkontiĝoj I’ve ever seen before! Her scent…oh no….. He looks outside the window and, sure enough, a man was walking up the pathway. He smiles, and for a second, his disguise glitches. The General almost gags. This one was worse than anything he had ever seen. He looked exactly like he did with his disguise on-but his jaw was ripped down. There were bloodstains on his teeth, and he had a wild, hungry look in his eyes. There was only one Quam Alii with a description like this. “Lupo, help us. Marianne, get your friend from upstairs. We have to go. Do you feel anything when I say the word Hicestmortis?” Marianne wasn’t sure why, but she understood completely. She nods, and runs up the stairs. “Jemma! Jemma, come on! We have to go!” Jemma was lying down on Marianne’s bed, looking nervous. “Jemma! Come on!” “Mari? What’s wrong?” “He’ll explain on the way. Just come! It’s life-or-death here!” She grabs Jemma’s hand just as she hears the doorbell ring. The two run down the stairs, and the General extends his hand. “Take my hand!’ He yells, the door opening and a gust of hot wind coming out. The man at the door spies Marianne, and grins wickedly. He pulls a knife from his belt, and lunges forward. The last things Marianne felt were the roughness of the General’s hands, and a singing pain that ran from her hairline to her jaw.


  1. So far so good; I'm keen to see what Marianne has to do to stop what she is apparently destined to do.