Thursday, 23 October 2014

A short story I wrote

I named it peacock. Not sure why.
Out on the balcony, the woman stood; hands on the rail, her scarf blowing in the wind. Her eyes were closed, her breathing slowed. Behind her, a carriage sat, in wait, its pure white horses standing completely still. All time seemed frozen, except for the woman. She sighs. “All my life, this opportunity would have helped me…” A bluebird flies in from above, landing on her shoulder. “So, why does it feel like I’m leaving a place I want to be? Going into the unknown seemed daring then. Now, why does it scare me? Going forward blind was a challenge. Now, all I can do is hope that I’m going forward into better times.” She opens her eyes, turning around slowly. The warm night breeze pulled a curl loose from her bun, a tendril of brown softness. “Goodbye,” She whispers to the bird.
Time unfreezes, and she heads to the carriage.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A craft tutorial

Hey people of the web.
I found a metal washer-thingy in my room yesterday at precisely 9:56 PM (I checked the clock). Of course, me being me, I decided to crochet in it. It made a very cool charm thingy:

So, friends, here is my tutorial: How To Make A Weird Washer Charm Thingy.
You will need:                    Stitches needed:              For reference:
A metal washer                   sl st: slip stitch                yo: yarn over
Yarn                                    sc: single crochet            ch: chain
A crochet hook

Step 1:
Make a slipknot with the end of your yarn. Then, stick it in the back of the washer so that it pokes through the frount. I like to imagine it saying, "Hey. I'm yarn. Teeheehee!" But that is just me. Now, stick your hook into the yarn from the front.
Step 2:
Now, very carefully, stick your hook back through the washer so that it (the hook) pokes through to the back. Pull up a loop, yo, and draw through the 2 loops on your hook. This equals your first sc.
Step 3: See step 4.
Step 4: See step 3.
Step 5: Continue the sc around until it looks full and luxurious. Maybe not that last one. For a washer about three-quarter inches in diameter, you will probably need about 11 sc. Once you are done, make a sl st in the 1st sc.
ch 1, take your hook out, and enlarge the loop to about one inch in length. Cut the loop in half, and tighten the chain. Now, I reccomend tying a double not with the chain from your beginning slipknot and the tail you made when you finished. That gives a nice piece of yarn if you want to tie your washer charm onto something.

Congratulations, you are done!
See idea 8
Make it a pendant
Make 2 and turn them into earrings
Make it into a keychain
If you use an old, plain, thin bracelet, you can make a cool crocheted bangle
Friendship charms
Throw them at people
See idea 1
Make them out of nuts (as in nuts and bolts). This is only a tiny bit harder and makes exactly the same thing, just wider.
And so much more. You could also do another row of sc in the stitches, which makes it floppyer on the edges. I have a zillion of these charms around my house now. It's annoying.
And that, was Gwen's point of view!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Mothership of Minecraft tutorials

Minecraft playing people, I believe I have found the best thing.
Not just a thing. Not any particular thing. Heavens no, not the worst thing.
The best thing.
Who knew that you could find tutorials on the Wiki? Not me. There are building tutorials, farming tutorials, heck, even advanced redstone tutorials. Tutorials for beginners, tutorials for people scared of opening a singleplayer world because hoards of Endermen are attacking them in the End. Tutorials of every single size, shape, colour, print, and pattern.
Use your newfound knowledge and power wisely, fellow Minecraftians.
*tap dances away into the sunset*

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I do believe that Genie was one of my first role models.
We ain't ever gonna have a friend like him ever again.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Shmee shmee! Shmee shmee shmee.

Shmee shmee shmee, shmee shmee shmee SHMEEDLE shmee. Shmooshmee, shmee shmee shmee shmee, Shmee SHMEE'D shmee!!! Shmee shmee shmee shmee shmee!
Shmee shmee, shmee shmen's smee shmee shmoo.

I am quietly obsessed with Fabergé eggs.

Pretty self-explanatory, I say.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

My thought process can get.....weird sometimes.

Here is my Chain of Thoughts in certain situations.
in Minecraft "Huh, this corner of my house looks a little empty. I'll add some cats. Nothing looks empty with cats."
"My platypus is one-eyed, I should crochet him a bright turquoise eye patch!"
"I'm bored. Hey, let's watch Bambi!"
to my cat "Mystique, you are so fuzzy. You are the fuzziest of all fuzzies. If there was ever a fuzzy as fuzzy as you it would certainly die because it realized that you are fuzzier."
"Ba pa do dee. Bleeble bada BOOM!"
in response to receiving a figure of the human body with removable organs "Awesome! I'm going to call him Freddy!" *
"Awwwww, this bug is so cute! I'mma call him Marvin."
in Minecraft "I'll add a cat here......and a cat here......oh, this one's name will be Lionel!"
"Hey, ZB, can I borrow a jar? I want to make a habitat for my plastic plesiosaur."
And this has been A JOURNEY INTO MY MIND!

*In case you would like to know, Freddy now proudly sits on my computer desk. My whole family calls him by name.

Friday, 27 June 2014

So I crocheted an eye patch for my stuffed platypus

His name is Mr. Snuggles and he is a much happier animal now that he is a pirate.

What am I doing with my life? Next time someone asks that, I'm going to say "My only purpose is my one-eyed platypus."

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Yet another poem

Every single day I think
Maybe I should change.
But something deep inside me
Says, no, don't rearrange.
All my friends are growing up
While I'm just staying down,
Maybe one day we'll reconnect
If in my sorrow I don't drown.

Orthodontics, pfft.

80% overbite. My jaw is too far back. Braces and a weird molar/jaw device. Darn.

A poem

(Recently got a new writing book and was inspired. Did I do well?)
Life isn't giving me dinosaurs or butterfly bedspreads. No, not anymore. Life isn't giving me picture books or crayon sketches.
Here's why I leave-I've changed (for the better?).
Here's why I stay-A secret? I don't want to.
Here's what lights up my heart: New things, bangles, and hair.
Here's what darkens it: Sad things, braces, and horrible history.
I've changed.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Did I tell you when I saw Morgan Freeman walking down the street in New York?

It's a funny story.

Zombieboy just made my day.

We were having a competition over Google hangouts of who could say the most swears (don't judge meeeeeee). He won because he said the word "Joffrey" as a swear. Yes, ZB, his name is a swear. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

In Case You Didn't Get It By Now, I Am A Megageek.

So recently, my bestest friend in the whole entire universe-RatFriend-has been going through a hard time. As her nickname suggests, she loves her pet rats with all her heart. Last night, though, rats was shortened to rat. This Friday, we're going out for dinner with their family-Her little brother Red is conveniently a carbon copy of my brother-and I decided to make something to cheer her up.
One of the countless things we have in common is a love of Star Wars. Now, recently, I have been on a Rainbow Loom kick. I dream of new patterns at night, and it's pretty much all I breathe. Every waking moment-RAINBOW LOOM, RAINBOW LOOM, RAINBOW LOOM. Sooo.......I made friendship bracelets.
I just wanted to share this. Have a wonderfully geeky day :)

Here's A Thought Snack

Hey! Recently, I have been on a "random fact" kick. I look at random fact pictures on the internet.......annoy my family and friends with random tidbits of knowledge.......and, recently, read random fact books. Here's the book I am currently in the middle of:
It's technically my brother's, but he's usually watching pointless YouTube videos. So he doesn't mind me reading it.
Anyways, what I wanted to do here was give you some RAAAAAAAAAAANDOM KNOWLEDGE! How I selected these facts was simple-I flipped to a random page, and swirled my finger in circles. Then, with my eyes closed, I put my finger down on the page-and the fact I landed on got put here.
Here we go!
*Humans have only explored 5 percent of the ocean.
*Cockroaches can live for a few weeks without their heads.
*The longest pizza ever made stretched 3,745 feet and 0.85 inches and was created in Spain on May 31st, 2011.
*Papero the childcare robot is a mechanical babysitter that uses a 3,000-word vocabulary, 2 "eyes", and 8 "ears" to interact with kids.
*A giraffe's heart is 2 feet long!
*When the ancient Greeks were at war with each other, they called a truce just to hold the Olympics.
*The horse's brain is about the size of a baked potato.
*The word "snickersnee" means large knife.
*Scrooge McDuck was named the richest fictional character in the world by Forbes magazine in 2011. He is worth (a fictional) 44.1 billion dollars.
*The chupacabra has been described as kangaroo-like, but also part gargoyle, with sharp claws and red eyes. In the 1990s in Puerto Rico, some believed that it sucked out farm animal's blood.
*The Rongorongo Hieroglyphs were found on pieces of wood on Easter Island, but no one has been able to read them. Every other line is inscribed upside down.
*The snout of a star-nosed mole is six times more sensitive then the human hand.
If your thoughts are still hungry, I can do another post like this!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Wanna Find Out Some More About Me?

On a website I'm a part of, we have this thing called a journal. It's like a mini blog-with less customization. Sometimes, people will go online and find writing prompts. I found one-"120 questions to get you thinking about yourself", and I put it on my journal. Then, I remembered I have this blog, too. are 120 things about me!
1: Who did you last say "I love you" to?
I say "I love you" a gazillion times a day, I really don't remember.
2: Do you regret it?
Regret what? Saying I love you? So confused *.*
3: Have you ever been depressed?
Sort of.
4: Do you like dinosaurs?
I am indifferent. I do enjoy prehistoric sea animals though.
5: Are you insecure?
Depends-Socially insecure, no. I have friends. Insecure about my looks/if people like me? Yeah.
6: What is your relationship status?
I really don't know at the tell the truth.
7: How do you want to die?
Peacefully in my sleep.
8: What did you last eat?
9: Have you played any sports?
I hate moving.
10: Do you have an attitude?
Awwwwww yeah!
11: Do you like someone?
Yes *blush*
12: What is your real name?
Gwendolyn! Gwen is just a nickname.
13: Have you ever read a book?
"She is always sitting with her little nose burrowing into books. She doesn't read them, Miss Minchin; she gobbles them up as if she were a little wolf instead of a little girl. She is always starving for new books to gobble, and she wants grown-up books -- great, big, fat ones -- French and German as well as English -- history and biography and poets, and all sorts of things." A Little Princess-Frances Hodgson Burnett
14: Do you hate anyone at the moment?
I will always have a burning hate for *censored*
15: Do you miss someone?
Yeah, I have a couple friends from summer camp I haven't seen in forever :(
16: Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
17: Do you tan a lot over the summer?
Every time I come home from camp, I have just one pale mark-and it's shaped like a bathing suit. XD
18: Have any pets?
Yep! We have 3 cats, named Portia, Zach and Mystique; and I have a rat named Pudge.
19: How exactly are you feeling?
Tired; but otherwise good. And excited for Girl Guide camp, which I am leaving for today!
20: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
Yeah, once we drove all the way to Orlando so I ate snacks in the car. Also sometimes when I go the the hospital for my annual (I'm diabetic) we eat in the car.
21: Good driver?
Haven't started driving yet....
22: Are you scared of spiders?
23: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Yeah, and fix something stupid I said to my brother.
24: Do you regret anything from your past?
Yeah.....not eating enough at hungry. XD
25: What are your plans for this weekend?
Nothing except chilling and messing around on the internet.
26: Do you want to have kid?
When I grow up, yeah. I'd like to adopt, but we'll see when the time comes. I'm quite a long way away from that.
27: Do you type fast?
Yeah, albeit not "right". I only use my pointer finger (and thumb for shift), but I have been described as "Computer Flash" and "Speed-Demon".
28: Do you have piercings?
Yeah, my ears.
29: Want any more?
30: Can you spell well?
So I am told, yeah.
31: Do you miss anyone from your past?
Well, there was this friend I had from Preschool up until I was about 7......her nickname is Ebony. I miss her a lot.
32: What are you craving right now?
Baked potatoes, and chocolate. (Not together.)
33: Ever been to a bonfire party?
34: Ever had a silly band?
I had about a gazillion that I got from my friends, they itch my wrists though. I never wear them.
35: Have you ever been on a horse?
If you count going around a pole on a horse once at a fair, then yeah. If you don't, no.
36: Have you ever broken someones heart?
.............I really don't know..............
37: Have you ever been cheated on?
Uh, no.
38: Are you thinking of someone right now?
39: Would you live with someone without marrying them?
40: What should you be doing?
Catching up on sleep.
41: Whats irritating you right now?
My brother.
42: Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
Sorta, yeah.
43: Does somebody love you?
Aside from my family, no. (That I know of.)
44: What is your favorite color?
45: Have you ever changed clothes in a car?
Yeah, on the way home from a concert I changed into my pajamas.
46: Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
Neither! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK! (Like, so dark it's bitter.)
47: Do you have trust issues?
Yeah, from those chocolate chip turned oatmeal raisin cookies. No, just kidding.....I don't.
48: Best friends name?
I won't name names, so I'll make up nicknames. ViralSun.
49: 2nd best friends name?
50: 3rd best friends name?
51: Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Family, my bro. Friends, at the summer camp singalong we sing Leaving On A Jetplane, and for some reason, it makes me bawl. EVERY TIME.
52: Do you give out second chances too easily?
53: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
Forget. All the way. I still haven't forgiven some people (who shall remain nameless).
54: What was your childhood nickname?
55: Favorite food?
60: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Sorta, I really don't know.
61: Did you have dream last night?
yes :( It was about the grim reaper posessing my Minecraft world and trying to kill me. It sound stupid but it freaked me out.
62: Have you ever been out of state?
*Province, and yeah I have.
63: Do you play the wii?
Yup. It's the only game system we have, aside from an Atari Flashback.
64: Are you listening to music right now?
Yep! Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, on repeat. My dad listens to Chom so I pick up a lot of my favorite songs from there.
65: Do you like chinese food?
YEAH!!!!!!! Especially crispy spinach!
66: Who are you texting right now?
Don't have a phone :'(
67: Are you afraid of the dark?
I'm afraid not of the dark, but that I can't see in the dark. You never know what might be right next to you....
68: Is cheating ever okay?
NO NOT EVER! Unless the two have discussed it and are okay with dating other people at the same time (whut). It happens and is a real thing.
69: Are you mean?
Depends who/why.
70: Can you keep white shoes clean?
Are you kidding me? Never in a million years.
71: What year has been your best?
2013. Camp was great that year.
72: Do you believe in true love?
Of course!
73: Favorite weather?
Thunderstorm+a cozy armchair+a book=my favorite thing.
74: Do you like the snow?
75: Does it snow a lot where you live?
I live in Canada. What do YOU think?
76: Do you like the outside?
I am indifferent.
77: Do you wanna get married?
78: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
Never had it happen, so I'm not sure.
79: Are you hungry?
No, I just had tofu spread and crackers and a peanut butter cookie. SMALL LUNCHES FTW
80: What makes you happy?
Books, my rat Pudge, drama class, and my friends.
81: Would you change your name?
No, I'm good with it.
82: Ever been to Alaska?
83: Ever been to Hawaii?
Yup, in 2010 we (as in me, my parents, my brother, my uncle and his girlfriend, and my grandparents) took a cruise there.
84: Do you watch the news?
85: What's your zodiac sign?
86: Do you like Subway?
I's like a treat for me, so many carbs.
87: Do you talk like your friends?
Not exactly.
88: Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided them?
Not that I recall.
89: Do you have a friend of the opposite gender who you can act your complete self around?
Yeah, my best friend ViralSun.
100: Who was the last person of the opposite gender you talked to?
My dad/my best friend ViralSun.
101: Do you feel good?
102: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My mom.....XD
103: Can you count to one million?
No, and anyways, it would take ETERNITY. Metaphorically.
104: Are your finger nails painted at the moment?
No, every time I try to paint them I mess up.
105: Favorite number?
106: If you could pick two people your own age or younger to be stuck on a stranded island with, who would it be?
My friend Crazy Cody. He's smart, and very resourceful. My brother, Zombieboy. He's kind, and helpful, and has good ideas. Plus, they're both in Scouting, and I'm a girl Guide, so we'll figure something out.
107: Are you a hunter?
Depends-In Minecraft I am, IRL, no XD
108: Tall or short?
I AM short, but I'd prefer to be tall.
109: Favorite subject in school?
I've been homeschooled for all my life except preschool, so I guess that-one-time-mom-picks-out-some-books-I-have-to-read. It's rare but awesome.
110: What 5 people do you trust the most?
1, ViralSun, 2, my mom, 3, my brother, 4, my friend RatFriend, and 5, Uncle Zombie (my uncle).
111: Who do you think has amazing hair?
Uncle Zombie. He has red ringlets down to his waist, and a full beard and mustache. It's epic AND majestic rolled into one.
112: Parents divorced?
113: What city do you live in?
Rather not say.
114: Where were you born?
In a hospital (LOOPHOLES FTW!) :)
115: Recliner or couch?
116: What two people do you miss talking to?
My friend from preschool, Ebony. And my friend from camp (who won't return my emails), Gymna.
117: Who will you be with this weekend?
My family.
118: City or country?
A bit of both!
119: Water or soda?
Pomegranate Fizzy Water. Best of both worlds!
120: Was this a waste of my time?
Nope, I loved this!

(Can you tell it's copy-pasted?)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Fresh Batch Of Awesome Things

So yesterday I got a book from the library called The Book Of Awesome. It is a compilation of things the author thinks are, well, awesome. I figured I'll make my own compilation here. So here's a fresh batch of Awesome!
*The gum from a Dubble Bubble Pop. When the last of the candy melts away.........there be awesomeness.
*When you're sick and a pet notices. When I had the flu, Mystique would NOT get off of me. I would picture her saying "NO. YOU ARE SICK AND YOU NEED CUDDLES!" Every time I tried to get up. Pets are awesome.
*Peeling the protective shield-thingy off of your insulin pumps screen. Actually, peeling anything off of anything. So satisfyingly awesome.
*When your sibling leaves you alone. 'Nuff said. Awesome.
*The smell of cookies in the oven. Even better, the TASTE of cookies fresh out of the oven. Deliciously awesome.
*The smell of pizza in the car on the way home from picking it up. Alternatively, when the pizza delivery guy FINALLY arrives. Pizza is awesome.
*Being exited because the books you got from the library are REALLY COOL. We went to the library yesterday, and I got some cool fantasy books, and a book full of scary stories. I was so exited to read them I almost screamed in the car. Awesome. (Okay, maybe this one is just me.)
*The smooth feeling of a softcover library book. So awesomely smooth.
And that, was Gwen's point of view!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Peanut-Butter Oatmeal Cookies!

Hey! Who doesn't love cookies? I sure do. I found (and modified) this low-carb peanut-butter cookie recepie, and I wanted to share it with you guys! It's super easy, I could make it by myself-and I am terrible at cooking. Here we go!
INGREDIENTS(makes 16 cookies):
*1 cup of peanut butter
*1/2 cup sugar
*1 egg
*1 teaspoon vanilla
*1/2 cup oatmeal
Mix all ingredients together, until all ingredients are incorporated.
Make a small ball of dough, and put it onto a cookie sheet or likewise. Do this with the rest of the dough. Press the balls down a little bit with the prongs of a fork, or just your (preferably clean) palm.
Bake at 350 for 12 minutes, and leave out to cool for around 5 to 7 minutes.
Enjoy your cookies!

You could most likely edit this recipe-the proportions are easy to double or halve. Maybe try mixing in a quarter cup of chocolate chips into the dough! With the proportions I listed here, each cookie is nine carbs. Only nine carbs! Wow!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Google Makes Weird Songs-Part 1

Bonjourno. How are you? I'm laughing my face off.
As many of us know, if you translate something in English to some weird foreign language and back again in Google Translator, it isn't usually the same. Alas,  what happens if you do that multiple times? You get this.

I'll Make A Man Out Of You-Mulan, by Google Translate (with help from Gwen)

If the job has to reach
To defeat the Huns.
Will and his daughter, and he sent me
And when I asked the kids?

Please send me a package , the villain never
But before putting
Lord , I want one

quiet forest
But fire .
If you have in your
You probably have .

Heart disease is edible oak , pale miserable fate
And you do not know .
But somehow

Jian - poet , not to mention that they should take
Yao: they can, which in me
Lin : I was a child in school to the gym
Mush , a circle of fear of death
He saw that hope is through Spains
Jian - Po would now be able to swim

A man [ are ]
This is essential to compete with rapid river
A man [ are ]
With a large force of typhoon
A man [ are ]
Of all the powers of fire,
The secret of the Lunar farside

It is time for our nation,
By the Huns arrived.
As we all hear me
And you can live.

They angered prepare for war
I'll take her , and go home ,
How can a man of God who

A man [ are ]
This is essential to compete with rapid river
A man [ are ]
With a large force of typhoon
A man [ are ]
Of all the powers of fire,
The secret of the Lunar farside

Individual [ All]
This is essential to compete with rapid river
With a large force of typhoon
Of all the powers of fire,
The secret of the Lunar farside
Ah - ah!

"The sercret of the lunar farside"........I'm dying.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Coexistor: Chapter Two

I will be posting the chapters as I finish them. Right now I'm working on chapter three, but here's two for ya!

Chapter Two: Life-Or-Death

Marianne was all set to go with him back to where she needed to go to save her world and his. He was a nice old man-friendly. He broke the news to her in a nice way, in a way that made her believe. But her parents? Not so much. “Marianne, step away from him.” Her father’s strong voice cuts through her little world. She almost hadn't realized that they were sitting there, the whole time. “Marianne, listen to your father.” Her mother’s perfect shiny blonde hair shakes as she shakes her head. “Honey, he’s crazy.” She whispers to her. Marianne steps back. “How could you say that?” “He’s talking about other worlds! And Dios? What are Dios?” “Could you please stop talking about me like I am not here, Mrs. Wolvyand?” Marianne’s mother turns towards the General. “Sir, I think it is time for you to go.” “For Marianne’s safety, I cannot do that.” “Marianne, go to your room. Jemma can’t stay over tonight.” “Mom, it’s my choice!” Her father stands up. “It is a choice that you don’t get to make.” “No.” Marianne feels sort of a release. All of her twelve years of existence she had never, ever told her parents no. “You heard me. No.” Her mother gapes at her. “Marianne, you don’t get to decide this!” “Yes, I do! We’re talking about the end of the world, here. I may be the only one who could save us all from dying!” Her mother’s face turns to one of stone. “And how could you possibly know that?” Marianne exhales. “It…feels right. I can’t explain it. But I’ve been getting these feelings-for a while now. I got a feeling to push Jemma back, once, before we crossed the street. Seconds after I did, a big Jeep rushed past, driving right where she was standing. It sounds crazy. But no! I’ve been getting these feelings-when something is right or wrong, not to do something, to do something.” She pauses for breath. The General’s eyes were wide. Her Saykiko is much higher than any other Renkontiĝoj I’ve ever seen before! Her scent…oh no….. He looks outside the window and, sure enough, a man was walking up the pathway. He smiles, and for a second, his disguise glitches. The General almost gags. This one was worse than anything he had ever seen. He looked exactly like he did with his disguise on-but his jaw was ripped down. There were bloodstains on his teeth, and he had a wild, hungry look in his eyes. There was only one Quam Alii with a description like this. “Lupo, help us. Marianne, get your friend from upstairs. We have to go. Do you feel anything when I say the word Hicestmortis?” Marianne wasn’t sure why, but she understood completely. She nods, and runs up the stairs. “Jemma! Jemma, come on! We have to go!” Jemma was lying down on Marianne’s bed, looking nervous. “Jemma! Come on!” “Mari? What’s wrong?” “He’ll explain on the way. Just come! It’s life-or-death here!” She grabs Jemma’s hand just as she hears the doorbell ring. The two run down the stairs, and the General extends his hand. “Take my hand!’ He yells, the door opening and a gust of hot wind coming out. The man at the door spies Marianne, and grins wickedly. He pulls a knife from his belt, and lunges forward. The last things Marianne felt were the roughness of the General’s hands, and a singing pain that ran from her hairline to her jaw.

Coexistor: Introduction & Chapter One

So I'm writing this story. When I finish it (AND I WILL THIS TIME! I WILL!) I possibly am going to try to get it published. you go.

General Fitz was not expecting what the intern was about to tell him. In fact, the General was just stacking the last of the papers that needed to be stacked when the intern rushed in. The first word that the intern uttered was “whoa”, because the General’s office was, indeed, very “whoa”. A, it was an ovalish shape. And B, one half of that ovalish shape (the long way) was floor-to-ceiling windows, facing out over the lovely view that came with being on the 101st floor. The trees’ leaves were a lovely array of pink and electric blue, and it truly was a nice evening. The second words the intern said were, “Um, sir? I have a very urgent message for you.” The General looked down at the small, scared teenager. He smiles. “What is it, my boy?” “Well, I’m really not sure why they trusted me with this. They say that it could mean the end of this world and the one next to it, Aarde.” The General knew what the boy was talking about by now, but he could tell that he had felt special, carrying such big news to him. “Go on.” “I have no idea what this means…….what it might mean for my family……I really don’t know. But, they say, that we have another Coexistor. Actually, two of them.”

Chapter One: Lupo?
“Jemmy, you KNOW I can’t go. My parents said no!” “But you HAVE to! C’mon. Convince them!” Marianne sighs. “Oh, Jem. Last time I tried to convince them of something, I got grounded for three weeks!” Marianne’s best friend, Jemma McAllister, sighs. “But…but…” Marianne pats her friend on the back. “Smile! It’s your thirteenth birthday soon! You’ll be leaving me in the dust and becoming a teenager! Be happy!” Jemma smiles and shakes her head, bangly feather-and-chain earrings jangling. “Mari, you KNOW I’ll never leave you in the dust.” “I know. C’mon, you can come to my house for dinner…..” “Okay. I’m just…so sad! Why can’t you come to my birthday party?” “I’ve told me a bagazillion times! My parents won’t let me.” Jemma pouts. “Oh, fine. But-“ Her sentence was cut off by a bus coming by. Marianne feels a tug in her gut, and looks up. In the very back of the bus, a man was sitting. A man in a navy blue suit, and a blue taxi driver’s cap. He had salt-and-pepper hair, and piercing, electric blue eyes. Marianne felt a jump when she saw him. “As I was saying, maybe we could have a sleepover tonight? To make up for you not being able to come to the party?” Marianne, with difficulty, tears her eyes from the back of the bus. “Yeah, sure. We’re not doing anything tomorrow, so it should be fine.” “Perfect!” Jemma’s turquoise-dyed hair flips in front of one of her brown eyes. “God. HOW did you get your hair like that?” Marianne smiles and rolls her eyes. “I’m on the right track baby, I was,” Jemma joins in. “BORN THAT WAY!” They erupt into a fit of giggles, and wrap their arms around each other’s shoulders, grinning.
When they get into Marianne’s house, their grins evaporate. Marianne feels that familiar tug in her gut, and, sure enough, sitting on her favorite armchair was the man from the back of the bus. He immediately stands up, makes his hand into a claw, and bows to her. “Lupo.” The one word that the mysterious man says makes Marianne’s knees feel like jelly. “Uh, hi?” She turns to Jenna. “J, head up to my room. I’ll be right there.” Jemma nods, her face one of confusion. “I have a feeling I should sit down.” Her one sentence makes the man look even more worried. “Oh Dios, it’s starting already. Yes, your feeling is correct, Marianne. Sit.” The General feels another tug in his gut, identical to what he felt when he first saw her, and once again, when she came into the house. Who was that girl she was smooshed against? Must have been one of her friends. Her file did say that she was a social butterfly. “Marianne, what you are about to hear is…..a little bit crazy.” Marianne’s curiosity starts to kill her, slowly. “The one description I can give you of yourself is unnatural. I guess the best way to explain more is through a legend. The land I come from, Aapude, believes in a line of eight…gods, I guess you could call it. We call them the Dios. In each Dio, there is an animal spirit. For Kato, it is a cat. For Toleri, a bear. And so on. Sometimes, in a very special human being, there is an animal spirit also. But the animal inside them is completely different from the human being-completely separate. They are not part of the Dios. But sometimes-once every thirteen blue moons-an animal spirit surfaces in a young human. It is not like the Apartigu, the ones who are separate from their animal. In the Renkontiĝoj, the animal and the humans’ spirits are one. These rare phenomena are direct descendants from the Dios.” The man pauses for breath. “What does this have to do with me?” Marianne asks, still confused. “You, Marianne, are a Renkontiĝoj.” “No way. I’m not that spec-“ “I know what you are going to say, and don’t believe a word of it. Marianne, you are a descendant of Lupo, the wolf Dio.” “You don’t know that!” “Yes, I do!” The man stands up. “I know because I felt a tug in my gut the minute I saw you. You felt it to, didn’t you?” Marianne gulps, quiet, and nods. “I, too, am a descendant of Lupo. Marianne, believe me! You have to.” The man was begging her. Begging her to believe. “Why do you want me to so much?” “Because it was prophesized,” It was difficult for him to say this. “That the next descendant of Lupo, was to destroy my land, and yours.”

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Guest poster: CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

Hey people! My name is Captain Obvious, and I'm here at Life According To Gwen to make a post. So here are some facts that are COMPLETELY OBVIOUS!

*The leading cause of death is dying.
*Girls have a 100 percent more chance at getting pregnant then boys do.
*Paper is good for writing on.
*The first letter of the alphabet is NOT Z!
Thank you and remember to always be COMPLETELY OBVIOUS!

Question: Does Macrame Work With Yarn?

Answer: Yes. Yes it does.