Sunday, 13 July 2014

My thought process can get.....weird sometimes.

Here is my Chain of Thoughts in certain situations.
in Minecraft "Huh, this corner of my house looks a little empty. I'll add some cats. Nothing looks empty with cats."
"My platypus is one-eyed, I should crochet him a bright turquoise eye patch!"
"I'm bored. Hey, let's watch Bambi!"
to my cat "Mystique, you are so fuzzy. You are the fuzziest of all fuzzies. If there was ever a fuzzy as fuzzy as you it would certainly die because it realized that you are fuzzier."
"Ba pa do dee. Bleeble bada BOOM!"
in response to receiving a figure of the human body with removable organs "Awesome! I'm going to call him Freddy!" *
"Awwwww, this bug is so cute! I'mma call him Marvin."
in Minecraft "I'll add a cat here......and a cat here......oh, this one's name will be Lionel!"
"Hey, ZB, can I borrow a jar? I want to make a habitat for my plastic plesiosaur."
And this has been A JOURNEY INTO MY MIND!

*In case you would like to know, Freddy now proudly sits on my computer desk. My whole family calls him by name.