Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This is how weird my family and friends are

Hello, everyone! This is Gwen, And I'm going to do something new here. I'm going to post quotes-that my friends and family said. Have any quotes that you want on the blog? Let me know. Remember, you have to have made them up.

"Lose a battle, win a war." --Dee
"If you've never jumped from couch to couch to avoid the lava, you've never had a childhood." --Dee again
"Strangers are friends to us all." --Dee LOVES to give me quotes.
"When the Angel's away, the Devil will play." --Dee
"I am a supermassive black hole for PB&J sandwiches." --PBBoy
"If I could eat that, I would." --Queird
"A golden shovel causes trouble." --Akemi
"We open the screen, and then BOOM-pandas." --Mom
"Oh, what is that? Eat it." --Dad
"Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in death." --Zombieboy
"Fries are better curly." --Pagegirl
"You know why they give us so much water? So we can die of thirst." --Pagegirl, on Chinese buffets
"Seriously, you look like an addlepated walrus." --Mom
You know what I think? I think I'm related to some pretty weird people, and I chose some strange individuals as friends. And that was Gwen's point of view!

The pickle was cold.

If fish grow on trees and raccoons grow in coral reefs, am I an armadillo? 
If avocados like to eat leaves and radishes like to party, am I pizza? 
If Fruit Loops jump on the bed and pie just turns to dust, am I cheesecake?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

How To....................Thumb-Knit!

Hello all! This is Gwen, and today I'm going to teach you how to thumb-knit! It's SUPER easy, you'll pick up in NO time. Here we go............................Materials needed: a ball of yarn, thumbs.
STEP ONE: make a slipknot with the end of the ball of yarn, and put it over your thumb. Tighten, but not so much that you can't slide it over your finger with ease. The loop around your thumb should still be attached to  the ball of yarn.

 STEP TWO: take the yarn about two inches-or more-down from your thumb, and wrap it AROUND your thumb above the original loop. Like so.
STEP THREE: To make a stitch, take your original loop (the one on the bottom), and bring it OVER your thumb. You should end up with this.

Repeat this, wrapping the yarn over your original loop and taking it over, many times, and you can make LONG LONG LONG "chains."
But wait! There's more!
ENDING A CHAIN! So you think you're done making this chain, when suddenly, you realize that if you just take the loop off your thumb, all your stitches will come undone.  Here's how you end it off so that that doesn't happen. 
STEP ONE: Take out your scissors-any kind will do-and cut the part of the yarn that's still attached to the ball.

Pull the end through the loop your thumb's in (take your thumb out first) and pull. Trim. Voila!
To make your chains thicker, instead of using a ball of yarn, use the chain you desire to be thicker.


You know what? I think that I am going to make more tutorials in the future. And that, was Gwen's point of view!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hi, it's Gwen (again) . I found this online..............Love it!
restore faith humanity

Faith in humanity-RESTORED! And that, was Gwen's point of view!