Sunday, 13 July 2014

My thought process can get.....weird sometimes.

Here is my Chain of Thoughts in certain situations.
in Minecraft "Huh, this corner of my house looks a little empty. I'll add some cats. Nothing looks empty with cats."
"My platypus is one-eyed, I should crochet him a bright turquoise eye patch!"
"I'm bored. Hey, let's watch Bambi!"
to my cat "Mystique, you are so fuzzy. You are the fuzziest of all fuzzies. If there was ever a fuzzy as fuzzy as you it would certainly die because it realized that you are fuzzier."
"Ba pa do dee. Bleeble bada BOOM!"
in response to receiving a figure of the human body with removable organs "Awesome! I'm going to call him Freddy!" *
"Awwwww, this bug is so cute! I'mma call him Marvin."
in Minecraft "I'll add a cat here......and a cat here......oh, this one's name will be Lionel!"
"Hey, ZB, can I borrow a jar? I want to make a habitat for my plastic plesiosaur."
And this has been A JOURNEY INTO MY MIND!

*In case you would like to know, Freddy now proudly sits on my computer desk. My whole family calls him by name.


  1. Many of my blog posts are runs of consciousness. Fortunately, they don't have the runs.

    1. I tried to do a stream of consciousness (just writing whatever comes into your head) but it was hard to write it on paper. I plan on trying to type one.