Monday, 11 August 2014

Shmee shmee! Shmee shmee shmee.

Shmee shmee shmee, shmee shmee shmee SHMEEDLE shmee. Shmooshmee, shmee shmee shmee shmee, Shmee SHMEE'D shmee!!! Shmee shmee shmee shmee shmee!
Shmee shmee, shmee shmen's smee shmee shmoo.


  1. Brought to you by:
    The color Shmee
    The number Shmee
    Shmee: The Movie
    Shmee: The Shmeequel
    Shmee Shmee by Shmeedle Mc. Shmee
    And the governor of Shmeeland, Gwendolyn Shmecteau!