Friday, 18 May 2012

May long weekend day 2

Hello, this is Gwen. My family-consisting of Zombieboy and my parents and me-and two other families (I will list in a second) are on vacation in Montebello. This is an event we like to call May long weekend. We go away for a weekend in May every year;we rent a colossal house and live in it for a weekend. The official list of people here is here. In the MCGCV family, there is Crazy Cody (he has a blog), C-Ling, V-8, Phil Plasma (him too), and Kitchen Diva. In the CE family, there is Page girl, Rabid Snail, Mesty, and Cakemaster. And then of course there is my family. Right next to me there is a rather panoramic cracked picture window. I can see forest, then a little more forest, then a little more, then a river. It is quite beautiful. I can't help but notice a small house/shack in the trees. I think I'll write a horror story about that. Me, Page girl, and Crazy Cody went out exploring down the hill that Far Horizons (the name of our house) is mounted on. Let's just say that it involved a lot of mud, crunching leaves, and climbing rocks. I am going to write another post tomorrow, hence the "day 2" part of the title. I couldn't write one yesterday because it was so crazy, unpacking and figuring out where every one was going to sleep. Well, bye for today. And that, was Gwen's point of view!

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