Monday, 30 April 2012

Action figures and Lego

Hello, and welcome to another exiting post from life according to Gwen! In the event category, Uncle Zombie (Mom's brother) came over! He is really fun to play with (especially action figures) because he sets up an adventure path both outside and inside for our heroes. Sometimes he takes our toy animals out (name a species, we'll probably have it), puts them in a group, and pretends they're genetically mutated. He also lets us blur the line between DC and Marvel. In one game we had Spiderman and the Hulk collaborating with Superman and Green Lantern. In another, Supergirl (my character) had a crush on Hal Jordan (one of UZ's characters). The games most often involve kidnapped heroes. In today's adventure, he sent us through twists and turns to find the Dragon Skull of Destiny. It's purpose was to get back our Power Matrix, and the crystal that poweres it, because if not, the DC/Marvel headquarters (a.k.a our treehouse) would explode in 24 hours. We had to use the skull to open a force field that Trollag, a fat troll, was putting up to keep us from taking the matrix back. Hawkgirl (my character) said, after finding out the base was about to explode, that she didn't want to die because she had a date tomorrow. Hulk (one of Uncle Zombie's characters), who liked to randomly smash things, helped steal back the Batman Sword of Killing Undead Things. He said that Hulk no like bugs, and then he smashed the wall, and as rocks and plastic bugs fell away, in an area between two rock ledges, there was the sword. UZ is also a genius with Lego. He can build virtually anything! Anyway, this proves that if you put imagination into it, even the most boring things can be awesome! And that, was Gwen's point of view!

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