Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This is how weird my family and friends are

Hello, everyone! This is Gwen, And I'm going to do something new here. I'm going to post quotes-that my friends and family said. Have any quotes that you want on the blog? Let me know. Remember, you have to have made them up.

"Lose a battle, win a war." --Dee
"If you've never jumped from couch to couch to avoid the lava, you've never had a childhood." --Dee again
"Strangers are friends to us all." --Dee LOVES to give me quotes.
"When the Angel's away, the Devil will play." --Dee
"I am a supermassive black hole for PB&J sandwiches." --PBBoy
"If I could eat that, I would." --Queird
"A golden shovel causes trouble." --Akemi
"We open the screen, and then BOOM-pandas." --Mom
"Oh, what is that? Eat it." --Dad
"Pickles are just cucumbers soaked in death." --Zombieboy
"Fries are better curly." --Pagegirl
"You know why they give us so much water? So we can die of thirst." --Pagegirl, on Chinese buffets
"Seriously, you look like an addlepated walrus." --Mom
You know what I think? I think I'm related to some pretty weird people, and I chose some strange individuals as friends. And that was Gwen's point of view!