Tuesday, 18 March 2014

In Case You Didn't Get It By Now, I Am A Megageek.

So recently, my bestest friend in the whole entire universe-RatFriend-has been going through a hard time. As her nickname suggests, she loves her pet rats with all her heart. Last night, though, rats was shortened to rat. This Friday, we're going out for dinner with their family-Her little brother Red is conveniently a carbon copy of my brother-and I decided to make something to cheer her up.
One of the countless things we have in common is a love of Star Wars. Now, recently, I have been on a Rainbow Loom kick. I dream of new patterns at night, and it's pretty much all I breathe. Every waking moment-RAINBOW LOOM, RAINBOW LOOM, RAINBOW LOOM. Sooo.......I made friendship bracelets.
I just wanted to share this. Have a wonderfully geeky day :)


  1. Better to have 'RAINBOW LOOM' as your mantra than 'RAINBARREL BOOM!'. You'd be all wet with the latter. Also, bracelets made of rain barrels would be difficult to wear.