Sunday, 14 September 2014

A craft tutorial

Hey people of the web.
I found a metal washer-thingy in my room yesterday at precisely 9:56 PM (I checked the clock). Of course, me being me, I decided to crochet in it. It made a very cool charm thingy:

So, friends, here is my tutorial: How To Make A Weird Washer Charm Thingy.
You will need:                    Stitches needed:              For reference:
A metal washer                   sl st: slip stitch                yo: yarn over
Yarn                                    sc: single crochet            ch: chain
A crochet hook

Step 1:
Make a slipknot with the end of your yarn. Then, stick it in the back of the washer so that it pokes through the frount. I like to imagine it saying, "Hey. I'm yarn. Teeheehee!" But that is just me. Now, stick your hook into the yarn from the front.
Step 2:
Now, very carefully, stick your hook back through the washer so that it (the hook) pokes through to the back. Pull up a loop, yo, and draw through the 2 loops on your hook. This equals your first sc.
Step 3: See step 4.
Step 4: See step 3.
Step 5: Continue the sc around until it looks full and luxurious. Maybe not that last one. For a washer about three-quarter inches in diameter, you will probably need about 11 sc. Once you are done, make a sl st in the 1st sc.
ch 1, take your hook out, and enlarge the loop to about one inch in length. Cut the loop in half, and tighten the chain. Now, I reccomend tying a double not with the chain from your beginning slipknot and the tail you made when you finished. That gives a nice piece of yarn if you want to tie your washer charm onto something.

Congratulations, you are done!
See idea 8
Make it a pendant
Make 2 and turn them into earrings
Make it into a keychain
If you use an old, plain, thin bracelet, you can make a cool crocheted bangle
Friendship charms
Throw them at people
See idea 1
Make them out of nuts (as in nuts and bolts). This is only a tiny bit harder and makes exactly the same thing, just wider.
And so much more. You could also do another row of sc in the stitches, which makes it floppyer on the edges. I have a zillion of these charms around my house now. It's annoying.
And that, was Gwen's point of view!

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  1. I'll let one of my kids give this a try, it sounds like too much fine motor skill is involved for me.