Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Mothership of Minecraft tutorials

Minecraft playing people, I believe I have found the best thing.
Not just a thing. Not any particular thing. Heavens no, not the worst thing.
The best thing.
Who knew that you could find tutorials on the Wiki? Not me. There are building tutorials, farming tutorials, heck, even advanced redstone tutorials. Tutorials for beginners, tutorials for people scared of opening a singleplayer world because hoards of Endermen are attacking them in the End. Tutorials of every single size, shape, colour, print, and pattern.

Use your newfound knowledge and power wisely, fellow Minecraftians.
*tap dances away into the sunset*


  1. I played minecraft for a few months near the beginning of its popularity and played only survival mode. It got to the point where I was losing interest so I said I would keep digging until I hit diamond. Eventually I did and I haven't played since.

    1. It has changed a lot now. I love creative mode, and my favorite part of it is probably the bunnies. Their little pixelated noses are so cute!