Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to make simple (like, really simple) 1-bead crochet bracelets

Hell-ooooooooooooooooooo people of the internet aether! I sat down today and said "well, Gwen, you are going to learn how to make beaded crochet bracelets." And did, because that's how I do. Here's a picture:
So here is how to make them.
Materials:                     Other things needed:                    Abbreviations:
Yarn                             Scissors                                         ch: chain                                
Beads                                                                                 yo: yarn over                                      
A crochet hook

Stepo uno: First, you must pick up a bead (for instructions on how do do this, see human instinct). Then string it onto your yarn. Since I do not have a very big yarn stash, I had to use pony beads with bigger holes, because my yarn is really thick. Whatever works for you. Make a slipknot.

It'sa me, step Twosio: Now, this pattern assumes that you know how much to chain to fit your wrist. This pattern is rude like that. For my 12-year-old wrists it's ch 24. So now I would chain 12. "BUT WAIT, GWEN!" you might say. "WHAT ABOUT THE BEAD?" Slide your bead calmly down your working yarn, I'd say calmly. Not too far, but far enough that when you yo to make your chain, you are yoing (it's a verb now, didn't you hear?) below the bead.

Step Duobus (latin): For your (assuming you ch 24 to make your bracelet. A lot of assuming in this pattern) 13th chain, you will slide the bead down as close to your previous 12 ch as you can. Then when you yo to make your chain, yo above the bead. That should fasten the bead to your bracelet. Now, chain your remaining 12.

第二步: I usually chain another one to make a good knot. Take your hook out of your loop, now enlarge your loop a teeny weeny leeny zeeny beet. (If you prefer to sautee your tiny beets, that's fine too.) Cut your yarn leaving a small tail, feed that tail through your loop, and pull tight, Now tie your ends (the end of the slipknot as well) in a very tight knot. Snip your ends or weave them into your chains, whichever,

Tu as finis. I told you it was simple.
Make a stack in contrasting colours of your outfit so that you are FAB.
Make with shaped beads, like stars and hearts. Use thinner yarn to use smaller beads.
Try a button.
Try a washer/nut.
Make with many beads. I made one once with every single chain having a bead.
Make and give to your friends!
This is a long shot, but if you have a wooden button/flat bead, you can write or draw something on it to make a personalized bracelet.

Remember-anything goes! Make tons of 'em and if you don't like 'em give 'em away! 'Em 'em 'em 'em. I like 'em. Yes, I do.
And that, was Gwen's point of view!

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