Monday, 2 February 2015

So I'm doing this thing

Starting today, every day for one week I will post one short story. This is because I have writer's block that no amount of reading or tea (my usual fixes) can heal, and so I'm forcing myself to write. Here are some tidbits of info for those wanting to know more:
*The lengths will vary.
*I don't usually do sequels to short ones, however...
*...mostly all of the stories will be set in my slightly-based-on-Minecraft fictional universe, so prepare for mentions of things like Queen Redbird Flightwing-Brine (my main gal) and Ender magyk.
*If I like this I may do more. Maybe I'll shoot for every day for a month. Who even knows.
*There will be no art because I SUCK at drawing. You may say "naww you're probably good!" but no. I suck. It's widely accepted. The best I can get is a successful koi fish. And even then, it's lopsided.
*Prepare for NO modern fiction.
*And most of all, hold onto your seats, because I'm about to start writing the first one.

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