Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hope it'll be better next year

Hi again. The ceighlidh last night was quite fun and tiring, but there was no dancing! Can you believe it? No dancing! What`s a party without dancing...not a party, that`s for sure. Anyway, Zombieboy had tons of fun running around like a fiend outside. There was a park and a small spiderweb, and also a whole bunch of secret passage ways. In the basement, there was a couple of really rowdy teenagers who wouldn`t get out, no matter what. This really ticked my bff off, `cause that`s the syncro team`s practice area. Among our plans to get them out: if the boy started talking, I would say "JFH, did you say something?" then she would say "No, I didn't say anything." We had a laugh over that. Then we went up, got a lovely backup team consisting of Emc2, Barbie, Spiderman (JFH's other siblings), Zombieboy, and a couple of Emc2's friends. Then we went down, and yelled (quietly) for them to get out. Down with the syncro's headquarters, there are bathrooms and a shower. On the shower's wall there was a small, brown spider. Knowing me, a certified arachnophobe, I screamed. But, I am a scorpio, and scorpions are arachnids, so I went up to the boy who was going to smack it, and said right in his face, "you now, that's my cousin there on that wall." Then he said, "How? It'a a spider. You are a human. It's impossible."And I said, "I'm a Scorpio and scorpions are arachnids. So are spiders. come on JFH, let's get out of here." I said to the nearest person, "make sure nobody smacks it." Then we left. Anyway, goodbye. And that, was Gwen`s point of view!


  1. If your cousin is a spider, what does that make your ant, erm aunt?

  2. A scorpion of course. Her name is Aunt Scor. Short for Scor Pion.