Thursday 13 March 2014

A Fresh Batch Of Awesome Things

So yesterday I got a book from the library called The Book Of Awesome. It is a compilation of things the author thinks are, well, awesome. I figured I'll make my own compilation here. So here's a fresh batch of Awesome!
*The gum from a Dubble Bubble Pop. When the last of the candy melts away.........there be awesomeness.
*When you're sick and a pet notices. When I had the flu, Mystique would NOT get off of me. I would picture her saying "NO. YOU ARE SICK AND YOU NEED CUDDLES!" Every time I tried to get up. Pets are awesome.
*Peeling the protective shield-thingy off of your insulin pumps screen. Actually, peeling anything off of anything. So satisfyingly awesome.
*When your sibling leaves you alone. 'Nuff said. Awesome.
*The smell of cookies in the oven. Even better, the TASTE of cookies fresh out of the oven. Deliciously awesome.
*The smell of pizza in the car on the way home from picking it up. Alternatively, when the pizza delivery guy FINALLY arrives. Pizza is awesome.
*Being exited because the books you got from the library are REALLY COOL. We went to the library yesterday, and I got some cool fantasy books, and a book full of scary stories. I was so exited to read them I almost screamed in the car. Awesome. (Okay, maybe this one is just me.)
*The smooth feeling of a softcover library book. So awesomely smooth.
And that, was Gwen's point of view!


  1. I got that book a while back and enjoyed it. I found myself nodding in agreement to many of his awesome things. You have inspired me; I may just do a post about my awesome things too. I'll be sure to give you credit for the idea :)

  2. The freshly baked cookies from your list are near the top of my list. You may want to learn the difference between exited and excited.

    1. Of ALL the words I know how to spell, excited is a hard one. I apologize.